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Note for people that confuse me with a german politician of a sort all the time...
Da es in der Vergangenheit immer wieder zu Verwechslungen gekommen ist und ich andauernd Emails erhalten habe, die an einen anderen Alexander Weinhold gehen sollten: Ich habe nichts mit Kiel, Kiels Lokalpolitik, der Jungen Union / CDU Kiel und Rechtswissenschaften zu tun.
Alexander Weinhold
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Opinions are those of your father.
There is no raising/tracking of personal data on this website whatsoever. No, not even log files or cookies.
I once spent quite some time on the design of prior versions of this homepage. Since people did not like it, I decided that I would do what I like. I want
  • fast loading above all. Disregarding photos and videos, each page takes exactly one http request.
  • static html
  • simplicity
  • black background
  • something not quite white as text
  • easily identifiable links
and that's really it. Regarding the whole responsiveness thing, I don't know what that is supposed to be in this case. This page does nothing special. A heading, some links, and a bit of text with a few pictures. If your device can't display that, it should not be your first choice for gathering information on the web. I tend to agree with more strongly worded expressions of simplicity.