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I pushed a script to to discover albums on bandcamp and save visited/liked ones. It takes a tag as argument, downloads bandcamp’s tag search page with “surprise me” setting, greps links to albums and iteratively calls surf to visit the website.


$ bandcamping "death-metal"
[surf opens URL, I listen to it and close surf afterwards]
Like? y
added to bandcamping_death-metal_20210401
[surf opens URL...]
Like? ^C

Update 2021-04-02:
I think I found out that I don’t like death metal after all. I guess I was spoiled by the Åkerfeldts, Heggs, Gossows, Laihos, Holmeses, Schuldiners and Tägtgrens of this world and they are the exception rather than the norm.

BuLäKo 20210322

Wenn ich die Bund-Länder-Konferenz von gestern richtig verstanden habe, bleiben die Schulen geschloffen, der Lockdown wird harch, an den Feiertagen müssen die Geschäfte schließen und Unternehmen werden zu mehr Testmöglichkeiten verpflichtet, wenn sie wollen.

Ich hab schonmal eine neue FFP2-Bestellung aufgegeben.

Suckless setup

I started playing around with dwm, dmenu, st and surf from on the weekend. My changes and setup can be found on Each repo contains a description of changes in ‘CHANGES’. I altered dwm pretty heavily from the vanilla version, the other tools not so much.