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WhatsApp custom CSS update

I updated my custom CSS for to work with the current state of things.

COVID-19 and ventilation

Zeynep Tufekci: We Need to Talk About Ventilation

TL;DR (paraphrasing): Priorities in COVID-19 prevention seem off. Much effort is spent on surface hygiene and other hygiene theater, when it should be spent on better ventilation in quite different settings (indoor, outdoor, amount of aerosols produced etc) with quite different effects.

815 Neuinfektionen

Spiegel: 815 Neuinfektionen an einem Tag - so viele wie seit Juni nicht mehr

Genau genommen ist es übrigens der höchste Wert seit dem 15.05., lieber Spiegel.

xkcd: COVID Risk Chart

xkcd 2333:

COVID Risk Chart

GUTcartridge released

I released GUTcartridge to the Google Play Store. I needed an app to quickly look up data for hand-loading/reloading and take notes for different cartridges - so this is the result. The release should pass through content moderation within the next seven days or so and will be available at this address once it does.