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Postfix alias domains

Note to self: To set up postfix to accept mail for multiple domains and put that in the same maildir, add the new alias and domain to /etc/postfix/aliases, run postmap, add the new domain to ‘virtual_alias_domains’ in and reload the service.





How to run a social network

  1. Rent the cheapest webspace with pre-installed WordPress┬╣ (probably around 1 Dollar). WordPress generates RSS feeds.
  2. Acquire a mail account.
  3. Get an RSS reader.
  4. Subscribe to your friends’ content with your RSS reader, comment on their posts via mail.
  5. Congratulations, it’s a social network. It’s open, federated, resilient and probably less noisy than what we mistakenly call social networks at the moment.

┬╣ Yes, I know, thank you.

7 vs Wild S02

7 vs. Wild ist dann wohl doch relativ gut vorhersagbar…

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