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RSS all the things

I don’t really know, why I ever stopped using a feed reader, but I’ve recently got back to it to minimize my online time. In that vein, my static site generator wombat now generates RSS feeds for blogs.

Sadly, Twitter no longer provides RSS feeds itself, but I made a template for drivel, my Twitter CLI, to get around that. It’s useful with the home, mentions and timeline commands.

Lastly, I put some bash glue around youtube-dl, jq and GNU date to generate RSS for YouTube channels or playlists. irq0 correctly mentioned that YouTube provides RSS - but only for channels and only with Flash. Personally, I like the embedded iframe better. youtube-dl does not provide the upload date in playlists so a faux one is created for ordering by playlist position.

IDEA / Android Studio Theme

I am not a big fan of syntax highlighting - I fail to see the use for anything other than judging the length of a string or comment.

Based on the Darcula theme, I uploaded a color scheme that disables all colors other than the above.

drivel update

drivel, my Twitter CLI, has some new capabilities now. I moved the original functionality to the ‘status’ subcommand, and added subcommands for home, mentions, replies and likes.

COVID-19 and ventilation

Zeynep Tufekci: We Need to Talk About Ventilation

TL;DR (paraphrasing): Priorities in COVID-19 prevention seem off. Much effort is spent on surface hygiene and other hygiene theater, when it should be spent on better ventilation in quite different settings (indoor, outdoor, amount of aerosols produced etc) with quite different effects.

815 Neuinfektionen

Spiegel: 815 Neuinfektionen an einem Tag - so viele wie seit Juni nicht mehr

Genau genommen ist es übrigens der höchste Wert seit dem 15.05., lieber Spiegel.