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I published ‘ambrowse’ to and my git server, superseding the old ‘amParser’. It can be used to extract book metadata from, and .de pages.

It watches the folder ‘ambrowse’ inside HOME for newly written HTML files, extracts the metadata and removes the files afterwards. The metadata are added to a list in ‘books.yaml’. You can thus peacefully browse books online, but are not as tightly bound to the seller. You also have a temporal buffer, which allows you to rethink your impulse purchases. Pressing CTRL+S and Enter seem like a manageable workload compared to an in-browser solution.

[Caution: rant] It serves the same function as the older ‘amParser’ Firefox plugin, but is no longer bound to a particular browser. Mozilla made the usage of amParser more difficult by first requiring plugins to be signed by them (no thanks), before abolishing the old plugin system completely. Not only is the new plugin system IMHO poorly documented, it also seems downright impossible to write files to the file system, thus hindering interfacing with standard tools. Even if this were possible to accomplish by a sequence of magical incantations, I just don’t care about Mozilla any more. Adding to the DRM, data collection and advertising hassle, I bid them good riddance. Time for a saner alternative (which is definitely not Chrome).

Endlich wieder lesbar

New old photos

I’ve added some rediscovered photos from 2014 and 2015:

pcb cube on light graffiti face anarchi toilet paper as seasonal product

Wendler's 10 Rules

I went through a lot of folders on my computer and stumbled upon this thing - a text by Jim Wendler from around 2013ish. The title was either “10 Rules for Awesomeness” or “Training Manifesto”, I can’t remember which. Anyway, since I can’t find it online anymore, here’s a copy:

10. Whenever you lose focus, consult this list to clear your head and get you back on track. And when in doubt, squat and run hills.

9. You will not be impatient; the grind is where character is made. Focus on what you have to do TODAY to make tomorrow better. This is a lifelong project.

8. Your body is not different than anyone else but your attitude can be.

7. Diet - If you need to lose fat: eat good food, less crap and eat “right” 90% of the time. If you need to gain weight: eat more food. This is not a hard concept.

6. You will not program jump and hop on the latest trend - your program should be flexible enough to adjust/tweak to include new ideas while maintaining the core principles and integrity of the program.

5. If you are fat and out of shape, you must do some kind of conditioning every day. If I were fat and out of shape, I’d be pushing a Prowler every day to combat the adipose.

4. You can do any kind of assistance work that you want provided that you do chin-ups/pull-ups and either barbell or dumbbell rows.

3. You will do some kind of “hard” conditioning 3 days/week. This consists of pushing the Prowler, running hills, running stadium steps or pushing a car. If it looks hard and awesome, do it. If your mom can do it, put it aside until you go through menopause.

2. You will train in the weight room 2-4 days/week.

1. Your program will be based on 4 exercises: squat, bench press, deadlift and the press.

After much thought, here are the Training Rules of Being Awesome. You can make your own, using this template but make sure you have a reason and you believe in them. What I do ask for you is to stick to them for 5 years and see where you stand; if you are true to your rules, you will be part animal, part machine.

If everyone does everything right EVERY PLAY, the game’s outcome is usually a win. Unfortunately, the eyes sometimes leave the grind of the ground and get too focused on the horizon. When this happens you lose sight of what is important – the play.

Besides not having the Training Anchor, people are too focused on tomorrow and NOT on today. The best example I can give is the game of football, something of which I can speak on some authority. Every team would like to win. But in order to win the game, you have to win the play. This means doing the right thing NOW. Maybe it’s a cut block, plugging a gap or simply making sure you have contain.

But without an anchor in your training, you will do nothing but float out to sea – helpless and taking in water. Eventually you will submerge, tread water for a bit and either get eaten by sharks or just sink to the bottom. I’ve seen it for 2 decades now. But it’s time to take a stand for what YOU believe in.

I get an inordinate amount of questions on the EFS Q/A, email, and Facebook. Most of them are pretty easy to answer and just need a push in the right direction. But there are many, MANY questions from people that go into great detail about their special situation; how they’d like to do “this” but can’t do “that” or are so misguided due to the massive amount of information out there. I admit it can all get a bit confusing.

Part Animal, Part Machine


Flintenkaliber wird in Gauge angegeben. Dabei beschreibt die Gauge-Zahl, in wie viele gleich große Kugeln ein Bleibatzen von einem Pfund zerteilt wird. Der resultierende Kugeldurchmesser entspricht der Laufbohrung (nicht der Schrotgröße). Mathematisch formuliert heißt das:

43 x π x (0.5 x D)³ x 11.34 g/cm³ x K = 453.6g

Mit den Bestandteilen

Stellt man dies zur Laufbohrung um, ergibt sich ungefähr:

D = ∛(240/(π x K)) cm