blog: Respect the hammer

Heyyyyy mister viking man.

Excuse me, do you speak English?
Please leave.
Do you like metal or rock music?
We are a metal band from Estonia.
Walking to the paper container.
Ey respect the hammer, man.

Oh no, Germans were not vikings, sorry.

Walking to the shopping carts. Another guy joins in.
Heyyyyy mister viking
Oh piss off!

And that was yesterday’s interaction with the petty crooks in Illumenium’s entourage. The people pestering you are not in the band themselves, they just follow Illumenium around. They wouldn’t know, but we’ve met twice before. Different pretend band members, of course. Same behaviour. If you dig into it, the gang is mainly known for small-time fraud. Selling an old demo as their new debut album, not paying and wrecking their lodgings, that kind of stuff. And “you don’t have to pay cash for the CDs”. How convenient. Nothing wrong here.

So, if you’re pondering to let them play at your venue: Don’t.

Apparently they are currently in the process of rebranding their same old garbage as California Condor, just as they did from Defrage to Illumenium before.

Posted in rant
2022-05-11 06:26 UTC