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I pushed a script to to discover albums on bandcamp and save visited/liked ones. It takes a tag as argument, downloads bandcamp’s tag search page with “surprise me” setting, greps links to albums and iteratively calls surf to visit the website.


$ bandcamping "death-metal"
[surf opens URL, I listen to it and close surf afterwards]
Like? y
added to bandcamping_death-metal_20210401
[surf opens URL...]
Like? ^C

Update 2021-04-02:
I think I found out that I don’t like death metal after all. I guess I was spoiled by the Åkerfeldts, Heggs, Gossows, Laihos, Holmeses, Schuldiners and Tägtgrens of this world and they are the exception rather than the norm.

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2021-04-01 21:56 UTC