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Found in the woods

Honestly, the stuff people leave lying around in the woods these days…

DHL Service

Unten: Packstation zu der ich bestellt habe
Oben: Packstation an die geliefert wurde

Eine Ausweichpackstation wäre direkt um die Ecke gewesen…

Wanderweg Römer, Ritter, Riten


0 % wget -p "" 2>&1 | tail -n 1
Downloaded: 94 files, 1,5M in 1,6s (952 KB/s)

I may have one or two suggestions. Btw, the actual paper is not part of those 1.5M…

finstr update

My image gallery generator, finstr, was updated to use templates instead of a mish-mash of html strings. It also reads its style from a file now, so jekass and finstr can easily be combined.