blog: Stop being so damn selfish and disrespectful

Paul Reiffer dixit:

Photographers, Instagrammers - Stop Being So Damn Selfish and Disrespectful

[…] Seemingly gone are the days of recording a MEMORY of a time and place with a quick snap of some friends or family members. Instead, we’re faced with contrived, bile-inducing, self indulgent recordings of ridiculous egos which remain unmatched by their owners’ care for the environment and others around them.

People now seem incapable of appreciating the scene before their eyes – thinking instead that it will be improved by them stood in the middle of the image in that straw hat and floaty dress they’ll likely return to a poor retailer later that day, all for the sake of achieving “internet fame”….

Wouldn’t it just be nice to appreciate the view?

That’s right: The vista, the scenery – a “view” without a “you”.

Posted in tech fatigue
2019-07-27 23:20